Tell us about your initiatives

What is being done and where, to make hospitals, health facilities and systems, and health workers, safe from disasters?

Does your organization have a project or initiative? Do you know of other organizations or experts that are working on these issues? If so, we can link here to your existing online case studies, or showcase information or papers you have about your work.  Email us links or documents about good work being done by joining the Health and Disaster Risk Reduction List-server, or submit materials to the resource section.

Call for good practices

The WHO and UNISDR Secretariat will also be publishing a collection of good practices by International Day for Disaster Reduction October 2009.  If you think that your initiative is an example of a good practice that should be replicated, please fill in the submission template and email it  to the address specified. 

A good practice should show innovative qualities and results, as well the potential for replication. It could illustrate one or several initiatives, such as:

  • safe hospital construction, from design to implementation

  • cost-effective retrofitting of structural or non-structural facilities

  • staff preparedness plans that are implemented and sustainable

  • health workers developing their disaster risk reduction skills and becoming advocates for safer hospitals

  • implementing risk assessments such as the Hospital Safety Index

  • working with line Ministries to produce and enforce government policies on safer hospitals, such as building codes and risk assessments

Note: Not all case studies or good practice submissions will be published in full or linked to on this website, but a list of all relevant contributions will be made available in a matrix of initiatives.